Answering COVID-19 & Your HVAC System Questions

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to maintain good hygiene in and out of the house has become more important as well as making sure that the air is purified and cleaned on a regular basis. The latter has made more questions about Gonzales, LA best HVAC systems, and about how to properly maintain them to avoid the virus. 

Here in this article, we will answer your questions with the most updated and accurate information to also help you make the best decisions for your HVAC system.   

To begin, the COVID-19 incident was so rapid that most scientists found it hard to make scientific studies that answer with full accuracy if whether or not the virus and its variants can be transmitted through your HVAC system at home. Much of the information provided and known is based on what is known about viruses similar to COVID.  

The following are the information that we have gathered so far:  

  1. There is no conclusive proof that COVID-19 can be transmitted through HVAC systems  
  1. COVID-19 being airborne is theoretically correct  
  1. There are effective strategies on how to minimize COVID-19 exposure and therefore lowering the chances of getting the virus 
  1. None of these mitigation strategies are completely foolproof 

Can the covid-19 virus be transmitted through ducts?  

There is no concrete evidence that supports this but this is not far to happen. That being said, there are effective mitigation tactics that can help you avoid the possibility:  

  • Install a UV light technology to kill the virus inside your home  
  • Use higher efficiency-rated filters to trap viruses  
  • Sanitize air conditioning materials before every start-up  
  • Increase house ventilation to dilute the viruses  

Can UV technology kill the virus?  

UV technology is proven effective when it comes to deactivating and killing microbes and viruses. According to the report, the technology can kill up to 90% of all different microorganisms that may be residing in your HVAC ducts and different parts of your HVAC system; although different types of UV technology may yield different results and efficiency.   

Additionally, take note that this technology has not yet been proven effective in eradicating covid-19 viruses specifically.   

Do high-efficiency filters protect us from the virus?  

Theoretically, having a more efficient filter prevents the spread of the virus because they capture different particles and prevent them from spreading inside your home space. However, since the covid-19 viruses are so tiny, there is no full guarantee that they can be completely eradicated from your HVAC parts. There is still a chance that some very small particles pass through the filters.   

Is the ionization technology beneficial in my HVAC and prevents the coronavirus from spreading in my house?  

There is some evidence that proves this technology is effective in removing particles from the air including the coronavirus, although similar to other technology, it does not guarantee full virus removal.   


There is still a lot of things to be learned about the COVID phenomenon and there is no single technology that provides 100% safety from the virus. However, making sure that your HVAC is properly maintained and sanitized will definitely reduce the chances of getting the virus.